Stepmania BalanceBoard Step Generator
Step Aerobics with the Wii Balance Board and Stepmania

The step aerobics that came with Wii Fit is fun, but playing the same song and pattern gets old after a while.

Stepmania is a free rhythm game for your computer. Normally it is used with a dance pad. This page takes Stepmania step files (.sm files) and generates an alternative step file which can be used to create step-aerobics style step patterns to be used with the Wii Balance Board.

The pattern is randomly generated from a set of predetermined stepping patterns, so the result is always steppable. If you don't like the flow, or want to change things up, you can generate a new step file.

To get this to all work, you will need to:

To play:

.bak/.sm file to process:
Speed: 1 step per beat 1 step per 2 beats
Type: Step aerobics Cardio boxing*

*Cardio boxing is a work in progress. Punch left (nunchuck) on down arrow; punch right (wiimote) on up arrow. Step on balance board for left/right arrows

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