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What is IMathAS?

IMathAS is an Internet Mathematics Assessment System. It is primarily a web-based math assessment tool for delivery and automatic grading of math homework and tests. Questions are algorithmically generated and numerical and math expression answers can be computer graded. Beyond that, IMathAS includes learning management tools, including posting of announcements, text files, and attachments, as well as discussion forums and a full gradebook. In postings and assessments, IMathAS allows accurate display of math and graphs, with simple calculator-style math entry and point-and-click graph creation. It is most similar to (and inspired by) WebWork and WIMS, and similar to commercial and publisher-produced systems like WebAssign, MyMathLab, etc.

IMathAS was written by David Lippman, with with partial support from the WA State E-Learning Council, the Transition Math Project, Pierce College, xyzHomework, and Carnegie Foundation. It is distributed under the GPL. See the license.txt file distributed with IMathAS for more details and credits for components attributed to others.

Test Drive

Try IMathAS out as a student by Logging in to MyOpenMath with username: guest, no password required.

If you are interested in using IMathAS with open textbooks, request an account at, a free-to-use installation of IMathAS with content built around open textbooks. Support services around MyOpenMath are available from Lumen Learning. There are additional pre-built courses aligned with commercial texts on our Washington-state production site; you can request access if you are considering setting up your own install and want to check out that content.

If you use a LTI-compliant LMS or portal, you can test out IMathAS by pointing your LMS to with key cid_1_1 and secret secret. More info about LTI in IMathAS.

Instructors in Washington State can use IMathAS on the free WAMAP server, funded by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. Instructors or students anywhere can use IMathAS with content tied to open textbooks on MyOpenMath, provided by OpenTextBookStore and Lumen Learning.

More Info and Download

You can obtain more information about IMathAS from the For Instructors page, the feature summary or the documentation files

To download IMathAS for a local install, the most up-to-date code is available through GitHub.