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IMathAS is free, open-source software. These services are offered primarily as a way for me to support my coding habit. These services are being offered soley by me (David Lippman), and are in no way connected or endorsed by my employer. Please understand that IMathAS is not my full-time job, so any and all the work I do on it is in my "free time", and is subject to my availability.

If you are interested in any of these services, please email me with details

Commission an Upgrade

Got a feature you really wanted added to IMathAS? Consider commissioning the upgrade. Commissioned upgrades get moved to the top of my queue :-) You can, at your discretion, keep the upgrade for yourself, or contribute the it back the the project for the whole user community to benefit from.


Having some trouble with IMathAS, or want installation assistance? You are of course welcome to use the support forums, but if you would prefer on-site or phone-based assistance, I'm happy to consult (as my time allows).

Packaged Copy

If you don't think your school would like the idea of making a donation, a physical copy of IMathAS on CD with a printed copy of the documentation and license is available.