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IMathAS is primarily a web-based math assessment tool for delivery and automatic grading of math homework and tests. Questions are algorithmically generated and numerical and math expression answers can be computer graded. Beyond that, IMathAS includes learning management tools, including posting of announcements, text files, and attachments, as well as discussion forums and a full gradebook. In postings and assessments, IMathAS allows accurate display of math and graphs, with simple calculator-style math entry and point-and-click graph creation.

IMathAS was designed to easily allow sharing of questions between instructors and between schools. The installation process is relatively simple and only requires standard support software installations commonly found on Linux-based webservers.

For more details of IMathAS's features, see the readme file. Details about using individual features can be found in the help file



Through grant support from the Washington State Distance Learning council and the Transition Math Project, and mostly through contributions from users, over 20,000+ questions have been created, ranging from arithmetic through calculus. These questions are available through the and installations. If you are running your own server and want these questions, email me.

Setting up your own install

Once you have evaluated the system using our or sites, if you decide you'd like to continue using IMathAS, I encourage you to set up an installation on your own webserver. If your school has a webserver, you most likely will be able to run IMathAS on it. Check the readme file for installation information, then download a copy of the most up-to-date code through GitHub.

IMathAS is free, open-source software, licensed under the GNU Public License. Be aware that this means that there is no warranty for the software, and no official support.